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on board of ResQ People vessel

Volunteering Medical Doctor - SAR

Oversee/ Italy

We are seeking a highly skilled and compassionate volunteering Medical Doctor to join our  ResQ – People Saving People - Search and Rescue (SAR) mission team.

As a Medical Doctor for SAR, you will play a crucial role in providing medical assistance and support to survivors in distress during search and rescue operations.
This position requires a strong commitment to humanitarian aid, as well as strong medical skills and the ability to work effectively in challenging and dynamic situations.

Position Type and contract: Full-time, temporary; please note that this is a volunteer/unpaid position.



  • Emergency Medical Response: provide immediate medical assistance to individuals in distress, including assessment, treatment, and stabilization of injuries and illnesses after rescue operations.

  • Medical Triage: conduct rapid medical triage to priorize care and allocate resources effectively.

  • Medical Evacuation: identify survivors in need of MedEvac and, in close collaboration with the Head of Mission / SAR Team Leader, coordinate and facilitate the evacuation, by boat or helicopters.

  • Medical Consultation: provide medical care, monitor the condition and administer adequate treatment to survivors on the vessel.

  • Documentation and Reporting: maintain accurate medical records, including patient assessments, treatments provided, and medications administered.

  • Pharmacy and medical stock: the medical team is responsible for the management of pharmacy, including inventory update, consumption recording and monitoring, kits preparation, Biomed device checking, access to narcotics and controlled drugs (locked storage); at the end of the mission the medical team hands over an updated inventory to log & supply to replenish the medical stock.

  • Liaising: the MD is responsible for the communication with health authorities on shore, in coordination with the Head of Mission.

  • Upon disembarkation the MD writes a medical report for health authorities and internal record.




  • Medical degree from an accredited institution

  • Valid medical license

  • Relevant experience; previous experience in emergency medicine, trauma care preferred

  • Excellent English language skills




  • Excellent interpersonal skills, with the ability to work effectvely in a team of around 20 people

  • Physical fitness and the ability to endure demanding conditions

  •  High flexibility and adaptability

  • Willingness to take part in the daily life of the ship

  • Commitment to humanitarian principles and the mission of search and rescue operations




  • Previous experience in humanitarian and/or SAR missions is a strong asset

  • Advanced Life Support (ALS) and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) certification

  • Knowledge of French language is a plus



Volunteer - VSI
  • A SAR mission usually lasts approximately 4 to 6 weeks including embarkation, training, SAR operations end of mission duties.

  • This job description outlines the general responsibilities and qualifications for the position of Medical Doctor for Search and Rescue Mission.

  • Specific duties and requirements may vary based on the nature of each SAR mission and organizational protocols.


To apply for the position of Medical Doctor for Search and Rescue Mission, please submit your CV, cover leter, and any relevant certifications to