Humanitarian Congress Berlin 2022

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Humanitarian Congress Berlin Oct 11 - 13, 2022

Humanitarian Congress Berlin Oct 11 - 13, 2022


"A Feminist Approach in Humanitarian Action" - This is the exciting title of the upcoming Humanitarian Congress Berlin from Oct 11 - 13, 2022.

During this year's Humanitarian Congress Berlin, we will discuss feminist perspectives on current debates and issues in humanitarian action:

What answers and questions can a feminist approach provide and raise regarding current challenges in humanitarian action? What are the limitations of a feminist perspective, for example in relation to the humanitarian principles? What does a feminist perspective in the context of humanitarian action actually mean in practice?

As we believe that the needs and perspectives of women and girls should be at the centre of a feminist approach in humanitarian work, we find it particularly important to highlight intersectional and postcolonial feminist approaches. Especially since issues such as the health impacts of the climate crisis cannot be viewed in isolation from gender and racism, an intersectional perspective that deeply examines the interconnections between different forms of discrimination seems particularly appropriate.

Humanitarian actors from initiatives, NGOs and movements from all over the world will discuss what a feminist approach in humanitarian work means, test the concept with practical examples and will share their experiences and thoughts with the audience.


Stay tuned for more. We are looking forward to seeing you online at the Humanitarian Congress Berlin from October 11 - 13!