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Illustration zum Humanitären Kongress Berlin 2022. Credit: Pamela Calero

Humanitarian Congress Berlin Oct 11 - 13, 2022


"Feminist humanitarian action: From affirmation to transformation" - this is the title of the upcoming Humanitarian Congress Berlin from Oct 11 - 13, 2022.

It is essential that feminist perspectives are used to analyse and challenge global inequalities and power structures, and to rethink the humanitarian action. Therefore, at this year’s Humanitarian Congress, we will discuss strategies and best practices for sexual and reproductive health and rights in crisis preparedness and response. We will address the impact of humanitarian crises on LGBTQI+  persons, their marginalized (in)visibility in the humanitarian system and their limited access to health services. Moreover, we will discuss changes and steps necessary from feminist perspectives to achieve climate justice in humanitarian contexts.

Humanitarian actors from initiatives, NGOs and movements from all over the world will discuss what a feminist approach in humanitarian work means, test the concept with practical examples and will share their experiences and thoughts with the audience.


We are looking forward to seeing you online at the Humanitarian Congress Berlin from October 11 - 13! See the agenda and get registered at: